Sexual Wellness Ungating

Sexual wellness is a category that is very similar to the Health category.   You need to watch restricted brands and be very careful when sourcing private label products to only be selling safe and quality products.

amazon sexuall wellness ungatingWe don’t have a lot of demand for this but we do offer it for those that need the service.

If you find the right product it can be a very profitable category with either private label or retail arbitrage lists.

The markup from wholesale on these items is well over 100% in most cases and there are very few restricted brands.    It also doesn’t have much competition which makes it a great opportunity.



What You Get From Us

  1. Invoice and or Receipts (if needed)
  2. Assistance with website (if needed)
  3. Product photo (if needed)
  4. Vendor (if needed)
  5. Flatfile (Excel spreadsheet, if needed)
  6. Professional consultation either by E-mail, Skype or Phone Call (if needed)

Note: Each sellers account is different therefore we can’t determine which of the above items will apply to your situation until after ordering.

What we need from You

  • You must have a US based Amazon Professional Seller Account in good standing.
  • You must already be ungated in the Health category.
  • You must provide Name, Address, & Phone Number.
  • You must pay our fee prior to us ungating you.

Note:  Do not order if you DON’T have the following seller metrics.

  • Amazon Professional Seller Account
  • Pre-fulfill cancel is less then 2.5%
  • Order defect rate is less then 1.0%
  • Late shipment rate is less then 4.0%

We CAN NOT ungate you if you fall outside these requirements and NO refunds will be given !

Sexual Wellness requires you to already be ungated in the health category