Grocery Ungating

Grocery is one the most difficult and desired categories there is to get ungated for.  There are massive amounts of profits to be made and it’s very easy and cheap to create your own private label products for this category.   Items such as coffee, cookies & chocolate are all very profitable.   Retail arbitrage is also very easy due to the huge amount of brands and products that are available.   Since we are dealing with food though there are some very specific issues that can arise.

amazon grocery ungating


The first is that you have expiration dates on all Grocery items that you sell.    The next problem is that a good number of manufacturers are starting to enforce online arbitrage with their products so you need to be mindful when looking for arbitrage products.

Amazon will inform you of this when you create your product listing and again having a private label product is your best and most profitable option.

In general 70% or more of grocery products are NOT brand restricted.


What You Get From Us

  1. Invoice and or Receipts (if needed)
  2. Assistance with website (if needed)
  3. Product photo (if needed)
  4. Vendor (if needed)
  5. Flatfile (Excel spreadsheet, if needed)
  6. Professional consultation either by E-mail, Skype or Phone Call (if needed)

Note: Each sellers account is different therefore we can’t determine which of the above items will apply to your situation until after ordering. This is NOT an instant downloadable purchase. You will receive your files 1-2 business days after your purchase.  All documents must be custom made for your company   Please note in some cases you need to modify your company description, we do not write this for you however we can proofread it.

What we need from You

  • You must have a US based Amazon Professional Seller Account in good standing.
  • You must provide Name, Address, & Phone Number.
  • You must pay our fee prior to us ungating you.

Note:  Do not order if you DON’T have the following seller metrics.

  • Amazon Professional Seller Account
  • Pre-fulfill cancel is less then 2.5%
  • Order defect rate is less then 1.0%
  • Late shipment rate is less then 4.0%

We CAN NOT ungate you if you fall outside these requirements and NO refunds will be given !