Why does Amazon restrict some categories ? 

Certain categories are restricted because they have been too many causes of fraud and counterfeit products being sold on Amazon so in order to protect the buyers they have had to restrict these categories.   Unfortunately for the seller these categories are also the least competitive and some of the most lucrative ones that they offer.   Our biggest demand ones are Health, Beauty, Grocery & Automotive.   We offer ungating services in all of these categories.

Can’t I learn this on my own? 

There is nothing stopping you from doing this on your own but more then likely you have already tried to ungate yourself without success which is how you have found our site.  We have some clients that have tired 20 or more times to get ungated with no success.    We have a very concise and proven system that has worked 100’s of times.

Do you need access to my seller central account ?

NO, we provide you the information and a very clear and concise format that makes it very easy to do once you have the proper information.   Each client is different and we personally will guide you through this whole process until you are ungated.   

How long does approval take ?

After doing more then 100 amazon ungatings we have had anywhere from 20 minutes to 72 hours it depends on the category and how much backlog Amazon has in getting the review done.

Why don’t you offer all categories?

There are certain categories such as Fine Jewelry, Sports Memorabilia, Wine, etc. that we do not offer.  Amazon has a very strict requirement for these particular categories that is beyond the scope of our service.

What if I am denied ?

On occasion we do get denials and we work with you in getting the issues corrected so that we can get approval.   Out of the 100’s of amazon ungatings that we have done we have a 100% success rate.   Most denials are easily corrected with an address, phone number, or other minor change.    If for some reason you do get denied we offer a FULL refund.    Please remember that you do need to have a minimum seller metric and you also need to have an Amazon pro seller account prior to requesting our services.  

What are Amazon Restricted Brands ?

There are some brands that won’t allows you to sell online without authorization, this is a small list but is growing so be mindful of them and be sure to check back as we update the restricted brands list on a regular basis.   Listing these items can result in listings and or account removal for continual violations.   You can see the amazon restricted brands list here http://amazoncategoryapproval.com/amazon-restricted-brands-list/

What is your Refund Policy ?

As long as you follow the instructions that we give you and submit all account related materials in a timely manner and we are not able to get you ungated in 30 days we will refund you.   You must follow all of the steps that we outline in regards to the ungating process or we are not able to do our job and you will not be refunded.   Since we don’t have access to your account we can not submit or make these changes for you.   After 30 days of the order date if we have not heard from you, we will assume you have been successfully ungated and any refunds will be denied.